Jay Muchhala's Digital Portfolio

No matter how busy I am otherwise, I usually find time to sketch. Here's a selection of character sketches, painting concepts, game environment sketches, caricatures, and portraits.
The 1st gallery has a bunch of sketches from the sketchbook I took on my 2002 trip to India. I travelled there for 5 months from January to June - trekking through Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, and Goa, but spending most of my time visiting relatives in Mumbai. I also worked at the Mumbai-based game design company 'Milestone Entertainment' for the final month of my trip, doing character conceptualization and creation.
The 2nd gallery holds my favorite personal and work-based sketches from late 2000 through 2001 when I was working for the silicon valley-based game design company 3DO.
The 3rd gallery has character concept sketches created to help conceptualize the PS2 Pirates action title my team at 3DO was working on. That was before we shifted focus from many strong 'first-mate' characters to a single captain character. Then we shifted focus to an undead pirate title. Then (when it was finally starting to come together) 3DO cancelled the project. Welcome to the games industry.
The 4th gallery has some favorites of my older work, including a travelogue from my 1999 travels in Eastern and Western Europe.